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Although Adam’s Pizza is proud of the ever-growing list of  great referrals from satisfied customers. We know that sometimes we might drop the Ball and are happy to share your complaints too. Keep in mind that Adam’s wants to provide you with your most satisfied dining experience and will do what it takes to earn your valued referrals. If you are not happy with Adam’s for any reason let us know what it takes to add your Testimonial to the growing list of people who Love Adam’s Pizza Medford.

Adam’s pizza realizes that as the expression goes, “You can’t please everyone every time” in the restaurant business this can be even more difficult. With the idea in mind that anytime you ask somebody for references, you should ask to see the bad ones. All the comments below are pasted verbatim and unedited from some unhappy customers.

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Name of sender: Jeff DeAmato

Email of sender: xxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com

------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------

I dont like to give negative feedback but I just thought i would let you know that I ordered food from you on foodler and it never came and I was calling and there was no answer.  I ordered at 9 and as u can imagine when it never came i had to go out and get dinner at 10:30-45 pm.  Foodler let me know you would make a medium pizza a large if i ordered one.  I think that this is really not much of a compensation and shows that you are not very concerned about this and how my night was ruined.  I think it would have showed graciousness if you offered a free pizza, sub, or even side order.  I will most likely never order from this resuraunt.  I just wanted to let you know this.

From: "marie" <mariethm@XXXXX.com>

Date: January 18, 2011 8:23:54 PM EST

To: adam@adamspizzamedford.com

Subject: Contact Page Form

Name   marie

 Email   mariethm@XXXXXXX.com

 Comments   i ordered thru foodler tonight, and the food was atrocious...

i ordered the cheeseburger plate, requested medium, with a side of mayo,and for some reason i got two extremely dry burgers, no mayo; also ordered the bbq chicken fingers, sauce on the side, with ranch dressing, guess what? no ranch dressing, and smothered in sauce; the mozz sticks were edible, at least, tho undercooked. i'm very, very displeased with this



Email   mariethm@XXXX.com

Comments   ok, so i gave you guys a 3rd chance, and once again, the food is gross. i figured, since many of my friends rave about your food, i'd give it one more time. pizza arrived barely warm, chicken wings are kinda sitting in a vat of their own grease, with this stringy gross skin...ugh, never again

Subject: pizza issue

From: Diane Kessler <XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com>

Date: Sat, March 05, 2011 5:21 am

To: adam@adamspizzamedford.com


Not really a problem...i was in yesterday and gor a large sausage mushroom pizza.....which was the very best!!  However, someone forgot the sausage!  Iknow you were busy and it is understandable, I just wanted to let you know that is was great, but would have been much better witht he sausage...

not to worry...we will return!

Diane Kessler

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