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The Future CEO and President of Adam’s Pizza Medford.

Be sure to check out the video of him making his first pizza on YouTube.

I’ll have the Video up here for you soon.

Adam does not play around when it comes to feeding people.

This guy simply Refuses to send you home Hungry!

Creating Incredible Dishes can become a real Addiction for some people!

Like building you a sub so big you’ll need a tow truck to get it home.

By the way, Adam wanted me to remind you that he wanted to tell you,

“If you don’t eat here; We’ll both starve!”

I can not figure out how he does it. This guy is Giving the food away!

Anybody who eats here can tell right away that the Food really is Fresh, and Homemade. Not some greasy spoon slop that came fresh out of a CAN.

The city of Medford is going to end up Re-Naming Main Street after this guy.

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Thank You For Choosing Adam’s Pizza Medford