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A message from your webmaster, David.

A friend of mine invited me out for lunch one day and introduced me to Adam’s Pizza in Medford. I was so impressed with how this is not just another ordinary Pizza and Sub shop that I had to meet Adam and offered to create a website and help get the word out to let people know what an awesome job these guys are doing.

Incredible dishes prepared with a lot of love and keeping the prices so low that you can afford to feed a whole family here everyday. Service with a smile that goes far beyond anything you’d expect.

With Adam’s Pizza, it’s not just another restaurant, it’s a place where you get treated like family. So I wanted to put together a site where it’s not just a website, it’s a place where you get all kinds of great stuff. I’d also like to mention that this site was created considering the fact that not everyone is computer savvy. Therefore, it was not designed so much to appear as a child built it; but more so that it is so simple a child could navigate it. Feel free to forward me any suggestions how you would build it better.

You don’t need to clip coupons to get a great deal at Adams. With the on-line ordering, new customers automatically receive a 20% discount and Adam is constantly coming up with new ideas for great combinations and specials to help give you even more value for your dollar.

With others you get Free Lollipops and Balloons. With Adam’s you get some stuff you can really use. It does not stop with just great food at low prices. I’ve got a collection of some great coupons you can grab and redeem for Free Gas, Groceries, Vacations, Exotic Cruises and more.

I’d like to hear from you and ask you help in spreading the word. Send your feedback about what you like and don’t like about the restaurant and website. Simply visit the contact page where you’ll find a helpful form and links that you can use to contact us and submit your valued testimonials.

Thank You for choosing Adam’s Pizza Medford.


David Carucci

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Below you will find examples of the thousands worth of valuable coupons you can download and redeem for Free Gas, Groceries, Vacations, Exotic Cruises and more.

Simply visit the CONTACT page where you can submit your testimonial.

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Vacation Getaways

8 Day 7 Night Resort Getaway

4 Day All Inclusive Jamaica Getaway

3 Day All Inclusive Beach Resort

5 Day 4 Night Mexican Getaway

5 Day 4 Night Hawaiian Getaway

5 Day Cancun Getaway for four.

3 Day 2 Night Getaway (25 Destinations.)

3 Day 2 Night Getaway for 2 (500 Destinations.)

3 Day 2 Night Theme Park Fun

$1000 Casino Getaway

Golf or Spa getaway for two.

5 Day 4 Night Orlando Getaway for Two.

Seven Getaways for two.

Airline Discounts

2 for 1 Airfare discount

2 Free Airfares w/ Resort Getaway

2 Free Airline Tickets with Hotel Purchase

$500 in Free Airline Discounts

Exotic Cruises

3 Day All Inclusive Bahamas Cruise

4 Day 3 Night Bahamas Cruise & Resort

3 or 4 Night Caribbean Cruise

7 Night All Inclusive Cruise

2 for 1 All Inclusive Cruise

Shopping and Groceries

$1,000 in Grocery Savings

$100 Fine Dining Gift Certificate

$50  Fine Dining Gift Certificate

$25  Fine Dining Gift Certificate


Entertainment & Membership Discounts

$ 1000 Casino Discount Guide

$1,500 Golf Course Membership Discounts

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